Saturday, June 30, 2012

We Are!

If you've read my blog at all before, you probably know that I'll be going to Penn State University this Fall, and because of that, I had to make the drive to Happy Valley this past Wednesday for my FTCAP and class scheduling day.  When I was out there, I clearly had to fish and fish I did.  I arrived in State College on Wednesday afternoon and after stopping in TCO State College to see my dear old pals Paul and George, I headed over to Spring Creek for the afternoon.  I fished for a couple of hours and managed to catch quite a few nice fish.  There were a few small caddis buzzing around, so I fished a dry dropper with a CDC and Elk up top and a Sugar Daddy and Frenchie below.  This was a dynamite setup and I had fish eating both the nymphs and the dry for the three or so hours I was over there.  

Pretty little Spring Creek fish

After I finished with my class scheduling and what not at PSU on Thursday, I again headed over to Spring Creek to fish for a few hours.  Yet again, I caught a lot of fish and just enjoyed the cool water flowing around me in the 90+ degree heat.  

On Friday morning, I woke up and headed to Big Fishing Creek for a little change of pace.  It was again dry dropper time, but this time, I fished a big Yellow Stimulator and a Green Weenie and Sugar Daddy or Frenchie below it.  This was another killer setup with some nice fish coming to hand.  While the Green Weenie receives much hate as a trash fly, (admittedly from me sometimes) it was just what the fish wanted on Friday.  In the words of the great George Daniel, "Respect the Weenie." After a few hours on Big Fishing, I hit Spring on my way back to PSU before heading home.  I was only on the water for about an hour at Spring, but that was all it took and I caught a few nice fish and lost a super solid fish that ate a Sugar Daddy below a caddis.  Overall it was a great trip and I really look forward to spending a whole lot more time on the waters around State College over the next four years!  Back here in Southeastern PA, however, most of the water around here is much too warm to trout fish, so I'm back at the bass game.  Tomorrow Jared and myself are headed to Reading to float the Schuylkill on the bright blue blob that is Jake's beloved boat, so stay tuned for a story, some pictures and maybe even some video.  

Big Fishing Creek

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