Friday, March 1, 2013

Wow, I Suck!

This blog has been so dead it's not even funny.  I keep saying I'm gonna keep it together and stay on top of it, but school, work and fishing keep getting in the way of it.  Anyway, let's try this one more time.  I floated the lower section of a local creek here in State College with my buddy Justin today looking for some big browns.  We had high water, big streamers, and a new trailer for my boat to break in so we had high hopes for the day.  Justin met me at my dorm around 1:15 and we were off.  After picking up the boat, we headed to the water.  We only had enough time to do a short float of about 4 miles, but that was enough.  We moved some really good fish, tested some new patterns and caught some nice fish so it was a successful day in my book.

Justin with a great Central PA streamer caught fish. 

As of today, I'm done with my classes until Monday the 11th, so I have some big plans for spring break.  Some of my friends are going to places like Florida or California to party, but for me, this weekend marks the start of a multi-state, multi-day fly fishing marathon.  The old Camry will have some serious miles put on her with the trailer in tow in the pursuit of big fish.  First stop on the list will be the Fly Fishing Show in Lancaster, PA on Saturday on my way home from school.  Sunday's stop will be the lower Lehigh River with my buddy Shane looking for some early season muskies.  Monday will find me floating down the Schuylkill with Jake and Casey from the Reading shop again searching for the big toothy SOBs.  On Tuesday, I'll be headed for the Catskills to float the Upper Delaware with Justin chucking some more big streamers around.  On Wednesday I'm planning to head down to Western Virginia for the day again searching for muskies.  Thursday I'll actually spend some time at home with my parents which I think they will appreciate, but Friday it's back to the Delaware with Justin and our other buddy Stephen.  Saturday and Sunday will find me out in Ohio with the two hander swinging some new water in search of fresh chrome and then back to school late Sunday night to be ready for class on Monday.  It's gonna be a rough week, but I can't wait!  See you all on the other side.  Spring and rising fish are right around the corner, so it's back to the vise for me... I have plenty of Hendricksons to get done tonight.  Be well folks.