Tuesday, June 26, 2012


If you've ever watched any type of outdoor channel during its bass fishing programs, you've probably seen the awesome commercials for BOOYAH Baits and their signature "BOOYAH!" throughout the commericials.  Well yesterday, I let out quite a "BOOYAH" myself when I landed a super solid smallmouth from a small creek I was fishing yesterday afternoon.  While I have caught much bigger bass in lakes and larger rivers on... (gasp!) conventional and spinning gear... this fish is definitely my largest from a tiny little creek only 15 feet across.  And the best part about it all?  I was fishing to a little bass that was chasing creek chubs and when I made a cast to that fish, I was greeted with the sight of a flash of bronze muscle ripping out of a rock pile and engulfing my fly.  He was big, he was strong and he was pissed off... aka why I love smallmouth fishing.  Now is the time to fish for these bad boys, so GO FISHING!

Now that's what a smallie's mouth should look like

Not a giant, but for this creek, this fish was in charge

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