Friday, October 5, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

Well after a hectic first month of school and promising to get some new stuff up here, I finally got around to going fishing!  I got out of class around 10:30 this morning and headed over to Spring Creek for the afternoon.  Fall is here and the streamer bite is on.  While it was not quite as good as I was hoping, the browns of Spring Creek did not disappoint.  Enjoy.  

Breaking out the S4 for the first time in too long


Gorgeous Fall day

The walk to solitude

Best fish of the day... Smacked a white streamer swung through a deep run

Not a person in sight

Autumn Colors

Last Saturday was also the opening day of archery season here in PA.  I left State College and made the trek back East to hunt with my good friend Tom at his place in Northeast Pennsylvania.  The morning was pretty slow, but the evening was great.  I saw a ton of deer, but nothing that I was quite comfortable shooting.  I'm hoping to get back out there next week and hopefully put some meat in the freezer.  

The Bowtech ready to eat

My view in the afternoon to my right

And the view to the left