Saturday, March 17, 2012

What a Day!

Today was arguably one of my best days on Valley creek, my local love.  I had originally planned to fish all day, but I had to get some school stuff done as our quarter ends this week.  Once I got everything taken care of, I hopped in the car and headed to the water.  I started low and worked my way upstream, catching fish after fish.  I lost count at 16 and I know I caught a bunch more.  Today was outstanding, but that wasn't simply because I was catching fish.  Obviously that never hurts, but it was a gorgeous day, I was fishing my favorite creek and I was just taking it all in.  I covered a lot of water, but I also made an effort to try to hit every little pocket and pool on my way upstream and it paid off.  I caught quite a few fish up top, but the vast majority of the fish ate a small nymph suspended below my dry fly.  The pattern didn't seem to matter too much, as fish were eating everything I threw at them.  The coolest part about today was that by really thoroughly fishing water I usually only cast at once or twice, I picked up a lot of fish I normally would not have caught.  I fished everything from big slow pools, to small little pockets behind a large rock, to nice long riffles and runs, and every type of water produced for me today.  It was an awesome day on my favorite creek with plenty of fish caught.  I can't think of a better way to spend a Spring afternoon.  I didn't take too many pictures as I was just wanted to keep covering water, but fish ranged from little 4" dinkers to some really healthy 11" or 12" fish.  Overall, I had a freaking blast.

I tried to take a quick video of me landing the fish, but I accidentally took a picture, so I figured I'd throw it up for you guys. 

 The above fish after I managed to grab him. 

I caught this fish on the next cast. After that, I sorta decided I'd keep the camera in my pack and just fish.


  1. Great day. What's your favorite (or first you'd put together) dry/dropper rig for Valley right now?

    1. My go to rig this time of year (well really all year) is a size 18 tan CDC or Elk Hair caddis with a small size 18 to 22 nymph suspended below the dry. I usually just use a pheasant tail or a midge larvae, but if the fish are really keyed in on them, I may use a small caddis larva as the nymph later in the Spring. Good luck!