Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 for 5

As a second semester senior in high school, school is becoming less important and fishing has definitely been occupying much more of my time than usual.  On last Wednesday, I started my 5 day fishing marathon with an afternoon session on Valley.  I only fished for about an hour or two and caught quite a few fish on small emergers.  It was the beginning of a great couple of days of fishing.

Nice fish from Valley. 

Thursday evening was much like Wednesday and I caught a bunch of fish up top on tiny emergers.  I only fished for a little under and hour, so no pictures, but a great evening nonetheless.

Friday was my day.  I already made my blog post about that, so check it out.

Saturday I worked at TCO Reading all day.  After a good day in the shop, I made a quick run to the Tully and got in about an hour and a half or so of fishing.  There were a ton of midges on the water and a whole bunch of fish looking up.  I stung some fish, missed some fish and caught a couple too.  I snapped a few pictures of two of the prettier fish of the night.  It got dark and I headed to Chipotle to grab a bite to eat and headed home.  The fishing was actually pretty tough, which made it even more fun than usual.
Fish number one. 

A few fish later.  This bad boy was a real spunky fish.  He put up a great fight for a stocker.

Sunset on the Tulpehocken. 

Sunday found me back in TCO Bryn Mawr and eager to head over to Valley.  Jared met me just after 2:30, and we were on the road at 3.  We arrived to a TRILLION dudes up and down the creek.  I was almost tempted to just get back in the car and leave.  After watching a few fish rising in spite of the enormous number of people on the water, however, Jared and I decided to stick around and do some walking.  Shortly after, Steve, the other full time guy in Bryn Mawr, called me and let me know he was on his way over.  We met up with Steve and started wearing down some Vibram soles.  After walking from pool to pool, passing dude after dude, we found some open water and started to fish.  The fishing was really slow, but eventually Mr. Dry Fly himself, Steve, found a long glassy pool with a lot of rising fish and no one else fishing.  After forcing our way in to his water, Steve graciously allowed Jared and myself to fish.  We rotated in and out, each catching a bunch of fish.  By this point, light was fading fast and we just wanted to fish, so the cameras did not come out.  We each caught a number of fish on everything from midge patterns, to olive and even caddis emergers.  After a while, it got too dark to see and we hit the road.  It was a beautiful evening, on familiar water with some good friends and I had a blast.

Five days on the water and five days of great fishing.  I don't know what more I could ever want.  

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