Monday, April 2, 2012

Small Water and Lots of Fish

On Saturday, I spent the day working at TCO Reading with Jake.  When we closed the shop at 6, we headed to a small local wild trout stream.  The temperature had dropped significantly and the wind had picked up, so the fishing was a little slower than usual, but we each managed to land some fish and enjoy this little creek.  Neither of us remembered to get a fish picture, but I did snap a few pics of the creek and what not.
Jacob through the trees


Today was my first day of my Spring break and I planned to head North for some big water and big fish, but unfortunately my car was out of commission as I waited to the last minute to get it inspected and they couldn't get it done until late today. (Smacks face.)  So when I retrieved my vehicle, I headed to Valley and I was certainly glad I did.  I arrived to find caddis buzzing around and lots of fish eating up top.  I caught a bunch of fish just slowly working upstream blind casting and fishing to the occasional steady riser.  When the caddis hatch began to slow down around 5 or so, the fish started eating midges and olives.  And eat they did.  I caught a ton of fish on a small olive in any piece of flat water.  I fished until I couldn't see the rises anymore as I played the "general area" game when it started getting too dark to see my fly.  I got a couple fish pictures early in the day, but then my phone died.  I also saw about 20 deer and I had a great time messing with them trying to sneak up real close.  I got a crappy picture of a few of them right before my phone died.  Enjoy.  I'm headed to the Lehigh Valley tomorrow, State College later this week and the Catskills next Monday, so stay tuned for lots of pictures and maybe some exciting stories too. 

Fishy number 1

Number 2

Number 3

Silly Deer

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