Monday, January 7, 2013

Spring Creek in the Snow

As I said in my last post, I had made plans to try and head West to big water, but even the best laid plans sometimes fall through and I ended up fishing locally over break.  I fished Valley a few times, and while it wasn't great, I enjoyed being out in my old stomping grounds.  Then on New Years Day, Jake, Casey and myself all hit the water and fished a small wild brown creek near Reading in the morning and then headed over to the Tully in the afternoon.  We had a good time together and caught some nice fish.  Jake should be putting up a post on that trip soon since he's got all the pictures, so be sure to check out his blog.  After a relaxing break with family and friends, some hunting ( finally connected this season!), and some fishing back home, I headed back to State College this past Saturday afternoon.  Bright and early Sunday morning, my good buddy Paul from school, Harry "The Big T" Tomlin, and myself headed over to Spring creek for the day.  Things started off pretty slow and stayed that way.  We all caught fish, but it was far from phenomenal.  This winter has been pretty slow for me in State College, but I'm loving just being out and catching at least a few every trip.  I can't wait until Spring rears her beautiful head and we have bugs here in State College!  Until then I'll keep grinding it out and dreaming of rising fish. (Or some high water... gotta love the big fly streamer bite!) Here are a few shots from the day.  Enjoy.

Paul with a gorgeous little Spring Creek fish on his 2nd cast of the day

Goofy picture 

Spunky little guy with Harry in the background

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