Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Land of Giant Smallies

Well today was un-freakin-believable!  I met Harry around 9:30 this morning and after a brief discussion and looking at a few maps we headed to the river.  Neither of us had ever floated the Juniata before, but we had high hopes for the day.  When we got to the water it was definitely up and off color, but we said why not and got the boat in the water.  We started the float at the confluence of the main stem of the Juniata and the Raystown Branch.  The Raystown Branch was low and crystal clear while the J was super high and dirty.  The two currents combined to create a healthy flow with a good amount of color to the water.  Within the first 100 yards of the float we saw at least 10 smallmouth over 16" on the clear side of the river... a good sign for sure, but we only had one average bass eat.  As we got further downstream, however, the magic green color that I love to see was formed when the two flows mixed and then it was game on.  Within a few yards downstream of a large set of riffles that mixed the water I was into a good fish.  Two casts later I caught an even bigger fish and the rest is rock and roll history.  We had good action all day long with Harry and I each catching a bunch of fish and losing a good number as well.  Overall, it was an outstanding day on some new water with a good buddy.  Can't wait to do it again Harry!  I leave for PSU next Saturday, so I'll be floating the J a bunch trying to learn the water as well as I can when I get to school.  If the fishing is as good as it was today on a regular basis I might even end up guiding out there.  Stay tuned for more!

And now for the good stuff... THE PICTURES!

Harry workin his magic


Scenery along the bank

Average bass

Gettin' bigger

He crushed it

Super spunky fish


SOO WEE! What a piggy

Harry on the sticks for the first time

Beautiful fish

This guy was pissed and super strong

The toothy critters didn't come out to play today, but fear not... I'm not giving up and the day will come yet again!


  1. Thats an awesome float......Next time start right in huntingdon on the bridge beside sheetz. AMAZING WATER. If you want any info on that Stretch, I grew up right there and fish it right now a few times a week (till I head back to college in Idaho) Usually can get into some muskie along the weedbed at the confluence and then under the next bridge down(cassville bridge)

    1. Crap... tried to respond to this before, but clearly I didn't post my comment. Anyway, thanks man! It was a great time. That sounds quite interesting. I'll have to give it a go. I might be in touch in the near future. Thanks again.